Reach 300 million Android users in China, outside Google Play

As the world's larget Android market, China has about 300 million users and growing. But, due to well-known reasons, more than 95% of them don't have Google Play on their devices, and cannot find your apps.
They are downloading apps from various local app stores. And, Apploca helps your upload your apps to those stores.

Our Services

Reach all Chinese
Upload your app to top app stores, including Baidu, 360, Wandoujia and Tencent, reaching 300 million+ users.

Keep app updated
Send your updated version to us, and we’ll take care of uploading it to all the stores in one business day.
Get download reports
We retrieve download reports from all the stores to help you find out how your app is performing in China.

Analyze user feedback
What are Chinese users talking about your app? We can help you collect and translate them to English.

Remove pirated copies
Pirated copies are harming your users and stealing your revenue. We can help you find them and take them down.

Maintain Weibo page
Weibo is like Facebook page and Twitter. We can help you update it regularly to attract more users.
Promote on Forums
Millions of people are discussing apps on forums. We can promote your app there by writing interesting articles.

Get app reviewed
We write Chinese review articles for your app and submit them to hundreds of bloggers and websites.

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